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tv   [untitled]    September 5, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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stories by fatima, the woman who was arrested from the night club and dragged away from her children and sonia who was assaulted and others who gave me human stories give me a human side of the issue, and not just the legal side and i am grateful for their courage and the community organizations of bringing the victims of draconian measures like s-com out and have solidity with immigrant communities. i want to add with labor, and lgbt and constitutional rights and other organizations standing up for this as the civil right issue of today hopefully this is a key message in san francisco that we will have due process for all and reestablish ourselves as sanctuary city as well. >> thank you. supervisor avalos.
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>> thank you. one person i want to thank is santiago letterman and interning in my office and instrumental with meetings with other elected officials to put this together and did leg work to bring this ordinance forward and thank you. >> thank you supervisor. the last thing i want to say is thank the speakers who shared their personal stories. it was very moving to hear that and i know it wasn't easy to share that so it meant a lot to me and all of us to hear that. [speaking spanish] the last thing i will note on the issue of carve outs the way
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to deal with an issue the way you think an individual should be detained you fix the criminal law to deal with that. the thing about due process it either applies to all or it doesn't apply at all. there are no carve outs in the bill of rights. that's the point of having a bill of rights so on that note can we have a motion to move this forward. >> so moved. >> so we have a motion by supervisor mar. if we can take that without objection. >> supervisor. >> yes. >> actually we have a number of technical amendments so thank you mr. gibner for keeping us on task here. >> my apologies. forgot to bring the technical amendment of the whole and basically adds a few words here and there to make sure we're talking about civil detainers and immigration detainer and there is language
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from the district attorney's office that he asked and i hope he was here to offer support and didn't do so but i think it's important to add the language added by the district attorney. i will read it into the record if i can find it right away. so the language is "the intent of this chapter is address request for non mandatory civil immigration detainers. nothing should be construed matters other than those related to federal immigration detainers and in all other respects. local law enforcement agencies can collaborate with federal authorities for public safety and not limited to participation and joint criminal investigations period" that is the amendment i am bringing forward for this technical amendment. >> thank you supervisor avalos.
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if we could have a motion to accept the amendments of the whole and amend the ordinance outlined by supervisor avalos. we have a motion by supervisor mar. we can take that motion without objection. now on the ord nandz as amended we have a motion by supervisor mar. if we could take that without objection. without objection this goes forward with the unanimous approval of the committee to the full board. thank you very much. mr. clerk do we have any further business before the committee? >> that concludes the business of the committee. >> thank you the meeting is concluded. thank you all for coming out
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>> good morning, everyone, so great to have everyone here on this beautiful morning, my name is os and i am the council member of the city of san jose and the board chair of the bay area air quality management district and vice chair of the valley transportation agency and it is my pleasure to be here with you this morning. and as the chair person, the lead agency for this project, i would like to officially welcome you to the inauguration of the bay area bike share. this is the first public bike share program in california. and the first regional multicity bike share program of its kind in the nation. this exciting new transportation system offers an alternative to the bay area commuters that eliminates high, polluting vehicles.
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and in the bay area, transportation is the largest source of air pollution and a major contributor to greenhouse gas, emissions. and this system will help the bay area improve the air quality and reduce the greenhouse gases on behave of the air district, dca and the city of san jose i am extremely proud to be introducing this morning, some of our speakers, representing san francisco, mayor ed lee. [ applause ] representing mtc board chair, amy winhern. and representing redwood city, vice mayor jed geee and also the vice chair, of san transand also honored to be joined this morning by cyclists region nine, jared bloomenfeld.
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[ applause ] >> additionally i would like to recognize and thank the following elected representatives for their support of this program. supervisor john avalos. and san francisco, supervisor and commissionerer scott weiner. [ applause ] san francisco supervisor jane kim. [ applause ] sfmta board of directors tom nolan and cheyrlbrick man. >> and the mayor and rector transportation policy, jilian gelet,. >> and mayor district, executive director jack broadbent. department of environment, melanie nutter.
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sfmta, bon ye. san francisco bike coalition, kit hodge. [ applause ] sfcta deputy director for policy and programming ana lafort. sfcta interim director maria lumabardo. and san francisco police chief greg sure. [ applause ] >> so how do we get here? as early as 2009, tda ban working towards a bike sharing program in santa clara county intended to address the bike issues on cal tran and provide the connections to the light rail and bus services at the same time, there was a growing interest from other bay area agencies to pursue and expand
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bike sharing on a regional level, as a recall, with the support from the partners represented here today from the bay area, air quality management districts, board of directors, the district submitted an application to the commission for an innovative climate protection grant to conduct a regional pilot system. and just so all of you know right now, in many of the cities, there are also law of events occurring including in my city of san jose. to date, the pilot project has been awarded more than 11 million dollars in public funds, including a 7.1 million dollar award from mtc, matched by 2.8 million in the bay area district and 1.3 in the partner agencies. and as a result of these grants, today, we are celebrating the availability of more than 600 bicycles and 64 stations. that within the next few
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months, it will be expanded to 700 and by early, 2014, will be expanded to a total of 1,000 bicycles and the main goal in the regional pilot program would be to evaluate the potential to reduce the traffic and improve the local air quality, as a result of these grants, actually this program, could not have been achieved, without the strong commitment and partnership from the transportation commission, the bay area air district, the transit district, the county of san mateo, and the city and county of san francisco transportation authority and municipal transportation agency. the valley trans, transportation and cal trans. and now it is my pleasure to welcome ed lee the mayor of san francisco to the podium and
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before mayor lee takes the podium, i would like to introduce him, properly. and mayor lee was elected in november of 2011, following an appointment as interim mayor earlier that year. as mayor, he has aided in securing more than 21 million in grants from the united states department of transportation for muni including the new bio diesel, electric buses to optimize the services and he has also helped to implement the move to cleaner vehicles and the vehicles and green city government and i know, him to be a great advocate regional for transit infrastructure and for clean air, mayor lee? [ applause ] >> thank you, for that, introduction, and welcome everybody to this launch. i am so glad to be joining our supervisors and scott, and jane, our very strong advocates for our bike program. and supervisor avalos as well.
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and as well as the rest of the supervisors and i want to thank all of the agencies working so hard to get to this and i know that i get to ride with chief sir today and loftus as well. and you know, but i want to thank everyone because jared and i are sitting there and we are asking ourselves why did it take so long? this is about our air, our air quality and we need to do a better and we need to do it faster shs but we are glad that we are here at this time, to launch a bay area, effort, to reduce our emissions, and by signaling to our regial partner and whether they are san transor our own mta or mtc and or whether it is redwood city, or santa clara all of our partners want to act together to make sure that we do the right thing and by starting a
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regional bay area bike share program, it is exciting because we are already thinking not just within the boundaries of san francisco, but we get to share this opportunity to share the bikes, and to drop them off at different locations with ease and to make sure that people get used to it and then our jobs within the city is to make the cities safe and make them efficient and to make a dedicated bike lanes so that the people can get around the city safely and efficiency and we will continue to work on that but this is exciting with the first phase of over 7 million dollars of grants, and thank again to mtc and the air district for being great partners and i am excited to do this and we are going to have more safer lanes throughout the city, the city of san francisco is already completed over 217 miles, bicycle lanes, where we are putting hundreds of bike racks up and we are getting facilities, situated where the people need them and it should
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not be a big surprise that south of the market area, where jane kim represents, that that is the hottest area of bicycle use in all of san francisco. and it is concentrated in that area because that is where a lot of our technology workers and new small business workers are working and they need the state routes between the home and cal train and downtown and all of the areas and so we are working hard on that so this is a great exciting news and finally a bike sharing program that our mta is proud of. and the pass mayor, continued to call me up saying where are you getting my bike share program started? and so, of course, the governor we get to say that we got it started, now we are into expansions already. and i can't wait to get on this bike and see how the stations work. and see how the service gets done. and then to see so many people join this effort and so thank you again for all of the agency and all of your cooperation for
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getting this done, congratulations. >> thank you, mayor lee for your leadership and offering to host this great event in your city. and thank you, supervisor kim for also hosting us we appreciate it. >> now, i would like to introduce amy wine worth the city of the mayor and mtc chair. and amy has served on the city council since 1998 with the terms of mayor in 2000, 2005 and this year, 2013. she was first appointed to the metropolitan transportation commission governing board in 2007 and served for the past two years as the commission's vice chair before becoming chair this year. push [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, and mayor lee, it is such an honor to join all of you today in celebrating this great day in the launch of the bay area bike share. you know on behalf of the metropolitan transportation
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commission and along with the air quality management district, and all of the other partners i am thrilled to be part of this celebration and this launch today. and i took bart over from the east bay and the cars were full of bicycles and it just illustrated the tremendous potential that this program has for the entire bay area and i also wanted to give special recognition to my colleague on mtc, scott weiner who has been a tremendous advocate for this program, and that has been launched today and he is a great bike share advocate and helped us in this last year of moving those funds to enable this to all happen. and i also want to thank all of the hard working staff for making this day happen. and a special thanks to the air district, staff and our partners at sfmta, dta, and you know the beauty about launching this program in san jose and san francisco we are going to learn a lot. we are going to learn about how bike share works in the hills
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and on the flats and so we will be able to take that knowledge as we expand across the bay area and i want to extend a thanks to congratulations to the bicycle coalitions who are such incredible advocates for this program and we look forward to your help in expanding bike sharing throughout the bay area and as he mentioned, the bay area's single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions comes from transportations that represents about 40 percent of the ght in the region. and so in response to this, in 2009, and mtc created, the climate initiatives program, which includes a 33 million dollar test bed for innovative strategies aimed at reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. and this amount, and mtc is allocated over 7 million to the bay area bike share pilot program and is committed to making this program a success.
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and this pilot not only offers the last minute solutions for computers, in san francisco, san jose and along the cal tran corridor and also provides a fun alternative to driving around town, bicycling is also, incredibly healthy. and the us, and the surgeon general recommends 30 minutes a day. and finally the bike share, pilot program is one of the first multicity bike share systems in the nation, and so proven successful this system could expand to other cities in the future. and to all of the current and future cyclists, pedal on, and so again, at mtc, we are thrilled to bring bike share to the bay area, and i am looking forward to seeing all of these beautiful bicycles around town, there you go, and so i am pleased now, to again, thank you all for the opportunity to
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join you in this great celebration. thank you, with that funding from mta and leader without from your commission we would not be celebrating this occasion, and the partners have played such a critical role in launching this program, speaking of partners, i would like to now, introduce, jes g, the vice mayor and the sam transvice chair, and he was elected in 2009 and currently serving as vice mayor. and as a council member, he has focus on the economic development as well as on the high speed rail and the rail corridor partnership, and additionally, mr. g is the chairman of the san francisco airport roundtable and the congestion and the relief alliance and was recently selected to serve as the vice president of the board of directors for san trans. [ applause ]
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>> councilman, thank you very much for that warm introduction and welcome. like so many of us, we all wear many hats and that is the vice mayor and the vice chair for the directors of san transand many of us said, through these regional partnerships like this one, we can find solutions towards the twin goals of increasing the public transit usage and reducing the congestion on the roads and already, in the county alone, the cal train, the shuttles and all of those together, last year we gave over 45 million rides in the county alone. representing over 500 million passenger miles that we kept off of our roads and freeways in the county. and i am honored to be part of this regional effort to find effective ways to address what we call the last mile connection, making that trip from the final transit stop to your actual destination. and we have many individuals, who want to take the train, and
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then jump on their bikes and take that last mile to work, or to get home. and with the cal train operating many of its trains, full, at more than 100 percent capacity, we have to find enough space for customer and their bikes and that is always a challenge. as rider ship the system continues to grow, we are working hard to find new ways, to expand the number of people that we can comfortably and safely serve. having a bicycle option, available for transit users when they get off of the train to reach their destination to keep the trains and buses full by allowing the people a quick and easy solution for solving that last mile in my community, of redwood city, i want our residents to know that the workers can get off of the transit center and get on a bike that will take them to the place of employment downtown and i want future residents to know that they can live downtown without having to rely on a car. >> we want to have answers, how
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can i get to work and how can i run, errands and can i live downtown without owning a car or having one car for my family. we believe that the bike share is one of the answers to those questions, it is a convenient and affordable way to encuresage the use as driving alone, abehalf of the city county, supervisor, and the chair of the san transand the board of directors, and our county, transportation authority, we believe that the bike share program encourages people to take transit, and cut their carbon footprint and make a healthy alternative for all of us and as the council member said i want to extend a personal invitation when to come to the city when we launch our own bike share program thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you, so much, jeff, although that san francisco and
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san jose get a lot of the attention, it would not be successful without the regional partners up and down. they play a critical role in the success of this program. i now have the pleasure of introducing bicycle enthusiast jared bloomen field. he happens to be the administrator for the pacific south west region nine. he has spent two decades on the front lines of environmental production at home and internationally. he is an avid biker and has led bike tours in los angeles and hey hawaii and washington, d.c. and london and looks forward to participating in the bay area bike share program. jared? [ applause ] >> thank you, this is a real today, and the people behind me, they really did take a village to make this happen. and the work and the effort is
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paying off today and i am thrilled to be here and i bike to work every day and i was lucky enough to try one of these in washington, d.c., and i have tried one in london, and i tried one in paris, and these things work. and you will get all kinds of people saying this is the best thing that you have ever seen and all kinds of people saying that this is the worst thing. in a few months from now everyone will want to be on one of these and the program is going to expand. president obama recently came out strongly and said that we need to take action on climate change and we need to do that soon. here in california, 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from vehicles. not from this vehicle, we spent a lot of time when ed and the mayor and i got to work with each other we spent with the time on the fuel cell vehicles and the cng vehicles and the electric vehicle and this happens to be the world's most efficient vehicle. by far. and it was invented a long time ago and does not take batteries
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or electricity. and you just get on it and it moves really efficiently. if you, think about the bicycle, and one of the things that the mayor and folks in redwood city and the entire peninsula have done is invest in bike infrastructure and this is the last crowning achievement of that. and the more people that ride bicycles every day, and this is proven by science, the safer it is to bicycle. and the reason for that is the cars get used to bicycles and the people build more infrastructure and so these beautiful, bicycles will help the streets become safer. and the other amazing fact in the introduction is that i did go on the bikes with both the mayor of la and the mayor of honolulu. la is number one congestived
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and honolulu is number two and the san francisco bay area is the third most congestived area. if three percent of the people driving their cars went on bicycles just three percent, you would reduce congestion by 30 percent and so it really could have a huge impact on air quality and the air quality, management district, here in the bay area, and jack deserve a huge degree of credit and they have really championed this with many of the other partners here and the final thing, here and in all of the cities that are going to get this and is that they are going to get an economic boost and what the ride share and bike share in new york shows is that businesses adjacent to new bike lanes and the bike share programs do better because people can get off and go shopping at this safeway and go into the cal transand it is much easier to park my big reason for biking is that you don't get a ticket. there is no license plate on a
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bicycle. and you don't pay insurance and as was mentioned, you get a lot of great exercise. most importantly, it is really fun, these are great bikes to ride and they have seven gears unlike the ones in dc, and only have three, this has 7. and so at least twice as good as the dc bike share program, and they have gps so you can't steal them and they have a great little thing in the front to put your bag in and as you are going to see you can wear a suit. so when i bike to work, a lot of people take their bikes on the cal train and then they are stuck at the other end and they want to go and work and they do work at google or apple or any of these places and they don't know how to get from one place to the other and so this will provide that solution and everyone should try one. and a lot of people think that they are just going to be for tourists but the reality is that they are going to be for all of us and we are going to have a lot of fun on them. thank you for making it happen, i can't wait to ride mine in a few minutes, thanks.
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+ [ applause ] . >> don't give the mayor any ideas for generating revenue, we don't want to see any tickets on the bicycles any time. in addition to your great work, it is motivating to hear you and hear you talk about the personal benefits of biking in your own life and how you translated that into a public policy and created and motivating all of us to ride bikes, and bike sharing as you heard from our wonderful speakers is truly a win/win for the bay area, as a resident of san jose for 30 years and a city council member being a san francisco is one thing and it is dense and it is urban, and san jose is sprawled out and the chance for the people to use public transportation and get on the bikes. i am happy that our 16 bay area bike share stations will join a network of 280 miles of
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completed bike ways in san jose. and they continue to expand at a rapid pace, they completed 500 bike way miles in the city of san jose over the next few years and as i speak, we are under construction of the green bike lanes project which directly connects several of the bike share stations and ultimately connect us all throughout the bay area. and all of these bike facilities create great places for the people to ride or on their own bike, the benefits are many, and bike sharing as a option will continue to grow from this point forward as you demonstrate how healthy and fun and convenient it can be. thank you for your attention this morning and i really do want to thank jack from the district and our staff for leading this effort in
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conjunction with so many partners at this time, i would ask the ceremony speakers to join me in the front for the ribbon cut and before they do that, i would like to encourage everyone watching listening or reading about the share, to take the time to register to be part of the program, in fact, sign up today and find it out for the compute tomorrow and especially with the bay bridge closed. there are a lot of people on the bay with our bikes and having the fun with it over the long holiday weekend and it is easy to do at bay area bike bay area bike and so now let's go over and get some ribbon cutting down and launch this program and get on the bikes and follow me through the station, thank you everyone for being here this morning. [ applause ]


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